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Managing non SolidWorks files with PDMWorks Workgroup

Question asked by David Keith on Mar 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2009 by Craig Morroni

Is anyone out there managing CAD files other than SolidWorks with PDMWorks Workgroup? I know that PDMWorks Workgroup is a good low level PDM for SolidWorks data but we have a lot of 2D CADRA legacy data and a couple of years worth of 3D data UGNX. Storing this data in three different locations has it's limitations. I know it is easy enough to bulk load the 2D data into PDMWorks and use check in and check out. It's the 3D UGNX data that concerns me. I'd like to maintain the relationships between the assemblies, parts and drawings.


David Keith
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