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    Screen doesn't refresh

    Karl Hosking
      A picture says a thousand words, so I've attached a screen shot. If I open an existing part, or a new part, I can not see it! I sometimes get a surface outline jumbled on the screen, but that's it. The part is there, but I can't see it! It happens in Parts, Assemblies and Drawings.

      I don't understand this bug, as my solidworks 2008 was working last week, but now I have this problem. From memory I haven't installed nor changed any settings... anyone know how to fix this? I'm gonna try a cold reboot now, followed by updating my GPU drivers.
        • Screen doesn't refresh
          Anna Wood
          This looks like a video issue....

          What are your computer system specs and what version and SP of SW are you using?

          Definately the first thing is to restart your computer. Then you may want to look to make sure is does not have a ton of dust in the box. When was the last time the dust bunnies were blown out of the system? Are all the fans working on the CPU and your graphics card.

          Are you using the latest SW approved video card driver for the grahics card?


          If the issue still persists after doing some housecleaning on your computer. Then check to see if you still get the graphic anomolies with the Use Software OpenGL toggle switched on.

          With SW started, but no part, assemblies or drawing loaded go to Tools > Options > System Options > Performance > second to last toggle on the bottom of the tab and toggle Use Software OpenGL.

          What this does is totally bypasses your graphics card in SW and uses the CPU to process the graphics info. It will be slower, but if your problem goes away then you know that your graphics cards is having problems.

          I will see this type of thing when my computer gets overheated after a long session on SW and I happen to be driving some real graphics intensive features. This is on my cheapo home computer with onboard graphics.


            • Screen doesn't refresh
              Karl Hosking
              Well, I downloaded the latest drivers for the ATI FireGL, installed them, and restarted, and pow... no power. Turns out my PSU died! Luckily work had a brand new spare PSU available.

              I've just taken out the old PSU (and it rattles!) and installed the new, and all seems to be working now! How odd.

              Cheers for your help Anna!!!