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Bends and Curves

Question asked by chris normand on Mar 17, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2008 by Troy Peterson
Hello All,
I'm fairly new to sheet metal and was trying to find a solution to this fork leg.
It is 7ga sheet metal.
The first problem is along the main base I have a flange that transitions to a hem. I drew this as 2 separate features and lofted them together. Is there an easier way of doing this?

2nd. At the front I have a Tab that should be at a 5 degree angle with flanges that go from 90 to 45 degrees as I have drawn. The problem is I drew it flat, because I kept getting errors saying I cannot draw a sheet metal part that is not paralell to the base part.
I created a separate plane and drew it on there then extruded it but could not convert it to the sheet metal part. this feature is suppressed.

I realize this would be easier to understand with a drawing but I'm being told i cannot upload a file of this type. 08 SW part.
This is my first post do I need permission to upload files?

Thanks for any help.