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Sandwhich panel modelling?

Question asked by Sean Hedenskog on Mar 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2008 by Chris Dordoni
Hi, I need to model sandwhich panel (20mm aluminium honeycomb, 1mm skins) that will have various bends.

In the past I've never needed to bend them and have always just made an assembly of the honeycomb parts representing the the 2 outer skins and it's core repectively. Using a single part results in the 2 skins not being shown in the model.

Does anyone have any experience/suggestions of a good way to model these bends in honeycomb using sheet metal so that I can produce a flat pattern afterwards. When bending honecomb, one normally cuts the inner skin away on the bend line, which then allows the honeycomb panel to be bent without breaking the outer skin and making a nice smooth radius.