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Discussion created by Guest on Dec 1, 2005
Hello Rob-

RE:" I have a user that has AutoCAD experience and just loves to overide drawing dimensions because "thats the way they did it in AutoCAD". I don't want them doing this in their SW drawings, I want them to change the geometry to be correct. The DC will alert you to any dimensions that have been over written (forced) in the checked document. "

OK, now this is a good example. One of my clients had this exact same problem. A former user had overridden dimensions in a Sheetmetal drawing. Then, the 3-d files were sent out for production. This created all kinds of problems and wasted alot of money until I discovered the overridden dimensions. This always is a surprise to me, because I never override dimensions, I change the geometry.

This tool could have saved alot of time and money in this situation.

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Devon T. Sowell