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    Christopher Mueller
      Is there any way to configure the Hole Wizard so that it does not by default engage the sketch point tool when placing the holes? We are a company of three users who unanimously agree that it is just about the most anoying thing in the world to start editing a sketch and find out you are placing new holes everywhere in the sketch.
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          Kenneth Barrentine
          you've just confirmed one of my tips and tricks topics, people really do not understand how to use the hole wizard.

          change your technique.
          expand your understanding of what's expected.

          anyway, it's not possible.
          when you invoke hole wiz the whole point (pun intended) is to place points (holes) in the sketch.
          if you need to edit, expand the hole wiz feature in tree, edit the sketch directly without invoking hole wiz.

          if all else fails, hit the esc key, it will exit the point command.
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              Brian Cayer
              When you pick a surface upon which to place a hole wizard feature it automatically places a point that you then move where you want. Most times having the point tool on by default is annoying and redundant.

              I agree with the Mueller bunch.

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              Larry Kutcher
              I can see where they are coming from...

              Hit the surface.
              go thru the pull downs to insert hole.

              To position that first initial pick, you have to esc (left hand) or select (thru moose with right hand) - then - dimension or move/ constrain that point.

              Rather than just - pick surface - pull downs - pointer at that time is ready to place the first point for hole...

              Yah', I could see that as being a bit slicker.

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                Matt Lombard
                People have complained about this for years, along with several other intentional quirks in the Hole Wizard. SW sees these things as benefits, so they aren't likely to change.

                I would get all of your friends to fill out enhancement requests.

                In fact, if you can convince Autodesk to put the functionality in Inventor, that is probably the fastest way to get SolidWorks to put it in their software as well.

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                    Steve Calvert
                    Now Matt, play nice.

                    Christopher, if you can remember that the first pick is the face/plane that you want the hole to reside on and that first pick usually won't be exactly where you want it, you'll be able to use this tool a hole lot better.

                    Select the face -> start hole wizard tool -> set size -> hit position tab -> (note that you're still in pont selection tool) place other holes using point tool -> now dimension or constrain all holes.

                    This really works if you just get around the quirks.

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                        Dan Riffell
                        I think the point is that there shouldn't be any quirks. If everyone is using a known work-around then why not just update the functionality? I mean, this isn't a show-stopper, and it is fairly obvious what you need to do to avoid mishaps. It just seems a little clunky and not so well thought out.
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                          Christopher Mueller
                          Thanks to all for the enthusiastic discussion!

                          Kenneth, the Escape key tip is useful and is now the "workaround" to the users here.

                          Matt, I would fill in an enhancement request if I thought it would do any good. Since I am the only user at our company that is active on the Solidworks web site, that would result in exctly 1 request.

                          Steve, I can start to remember to work that way (in fact, I like the object-action way of working best, so it should be more natural). My (our) gripe is that we are frequently using the hole tool to create single holes. Really, I would expect that most of the users do (should) use it for that, because any time you have more than 2 holes, a pattern might be a better way to model the features. If we work as you suggest, then the point is already created when we enter the sketch mode. So the only situation in which we would like the point tool on is the original creation and positioning of 2 or 3 holes. When we create one hole or edit the position of the holes, we don't want it on.

                          Am I correct in that this is the only instance where Solidworks by default starts a sketch tool? If so, then I think the hole sketch tool is very inconsistent with the rest of the package.
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                              Steve Calvert
                              OK, this is too easy, please, we're all making too much of what happens when you start the tool. Select the face and start the tool, make the size you want and then position it. OK OK you have to turn off the point function but, what the heck, this can't be any easier, single hole or not. You don't have to have any points pre- made for the hole wizard to work. Just place the holes and dimension as required.

                              I stop making patterns when I use the hole wizard because I like to make a seperate sketch of just points and then envoke the hole wizard and place the holes on the points.

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                                  Jeff Hamilton
                                  Its not that big a deal. Like Steve said, Select the face, start the tool, make the size you want. If you only want one hole its already positioned. Hit escape, RBM and hit select, or better yet just go to the dimension tool and dimension that sucker! Its just a matter of habit...
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                                      Eric Couch
                                      I love the hole wizard feature, and we're probably nit-picking here, but that's what designers do, right?. I have to admit, the fact that the intial pick of the surface determined my first hole took some getting used to. Because you're selecting the surface, you can't take advantage of the auto-constraints on that first hole. So, after I tab over from the hole definition, I might:

                                      1. place all my holes utilizing auto-constraints (say...coincident with holes on other parts)

                                      2. escape out of hole definition

                                      3. delete that first hole.

                                      In this case this costs me a click or two. If I was going to constrain holes with a sketch, it saves me a click. I'd say more than half the time this saves a click.
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                                Eddie Cyganik

                                I'm totally with you on this one, like many others.

                                We can only hope that one day, SW will come out with a version that has two major load options:

                                #1 - Load SolidWorks

                                #2 - Load SolidWorks for AutoCAD Users.

                                I prefer the former.