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Open Dialog Box (ER)

Discussion created by Don Vanzile on Mar 14, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2008 by Mahir Abrahim

Enhancement for a slightly annoying open dialgo box interface

I like the fact that solidworks can open many, many file types now, but it seems like every time I want to open common SW files (.sldasm, .sldprt, .slddrw) I always get lost in the deep list of types in the dropdown. These are the files that more often then not, I'm constantly using. It would be nice if the open dialog was only slightly redesigned to be more taylored for us Solidworks users.

In the attached pic, it would be nice if you could quickly pick those .sldasm, .sldprt, .slddrw as an option radial button. That way I don't keep constantly moving my cursor so much and find what I'm ALWAYS looking for.