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    Don't ask me again! Options (ER)

    Don Vanzile

      You would think by now the latest version of solidworks would have the frustrations of opening documents for advanced users really well mastered by now.

      I would like better options in many scenarios, not just opening documents, where it could be a global setting or 'this time only' setting.

      Now 2008 is getting closer with the advanced tab in the options for many annoying dialog boxes but it seems there are a few which would be nice for 'one time only'
      option. Such is the case for opeing an assembly and not being able to find a few parts. I may not care for 1 file. But I don't want to keep going to the options to change it back.

      Example pic of enhanced dialog box.

        • Don't ask me again! Options (ER)
          Wayne Tiffany
          I agree totally. During the Beta phase I mentioned that I thought this new policy was quite handy, but could be dangerous as the average user will not notice that the message is missing two words that used to be there. "this session" I see people clicking the box out of habit and not realizing that it won't come back again next time. The danger is that an error message is banished and later a mistake is made because the error didn't come up due to the operator not realizing that error had been forever sent away.

          Have you turned this in?