Flat Patterns Disapearing from Drawings

Discussion created by 1-5FS77S on Mar 13, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2008 by Joel Bickel
Has anyone come across this? Can't seem to figure out the problem.

A drawing was created showing the flat pattern for a part, along with a few formed views. The drawing is checked into the vault. A little while later a revision needs to be made to the part, so is checked out. Once the drawing opens, there is an error what come up saying the "DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN" cannot be found for view1 and it will use the "Default" configuration. The flat pattern is gone and displays a formed view. I can select to show the flat pattern again, but I must re-dimension the flat pattern.

Just wondering if anyone know what happens there. This has happened a few times now.