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Lost files with Enterprise

Question asked by Rhett Rathbone on Mar 13, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2008 by Kevin Silbert
We are having an issue with lost files that are checked into Enterprise. Some of our engineers are losing hours/days worth of work. We are trying to take an existing job, do a SaveAs to the new job, and re-point the existing references to the new job folder/parts/assemblies. In theory this seems pretty straight forward, but in actual practice it has turned into a nightmare for us here.

Our work process has been as follows:

1) Admin copys entire existing job to new job directory (minus those parts referencing our parts library). All related files appear to be saved correctly, then Admin proceeds to MANUALLY re-point all external references in each file to the new file (we are doing this because there is an existing bug that prevents this from happening automatically). Admin saves all files, closes SW, reopens files in SW and can verify that the references updated to the new job appropriately.

2) User 2 then opens the new job but the references all point back to the existing job.

Any ideas?

As mentioned above, we are aware of a current bug that does not allow the 'repointing' of references while doing a SaveAs (in the automated version). It is my hope though that we can at least do this manually.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.