BOM with toolbox parts

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 26, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2006 by Lin Shaodun
How can I add a custom property to populate the nomenclature column in our BOM? For example, I want all the Hex nuts to say "Nut, Hex" in the BOM. I tried creating a custom property within Toolbox "browser configuration." I'm using SW2006 sp4.

Actually, I did get this to work if I insert a new Hex nut into an assy and then create a drawing out of it. The nomenclature says Nut, Hex just like I want. However if I save the drawing, close Solidworks, then reopen the drawing, "Nut, Hex" in the BOM disappears. Seems buggy to me. Anyone else able to overcome this problem?