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Overall length of parts with multiple configs

Discussion created by Matthew Marshall on Mar 12, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2008 by Sven-Erik Nilsson
Bear with me while I try and explain this...

A customer has created a tube component with 2 different length configs (A&B).

Lets say 6 tubes are added into an assembly, 3 at length A & 3 at length B

The tubes are bought in 6 metre lengths. In the assembly drawing, the customer wishes to add an equation that will divide the total length of all the tubes combined by 6000 and then multiply by 1.05 to add a little material. This seems an excellent way of calculating the amount of tube stock to purchase. However...

When adding a BOM to the assembly drawing, the config specific property LENGTH can be added as a column. Unless the different configs are displayed as different items on the BOM, the lengths cannot be added together (if you display all configs as one item, it only uses the length property from 1 config). This means that the only way to add the equation is to show the different tube configs as separate items, which is what the customer (understandably) doesn't want to do.

Has anybody got a workaround/macro that could help?

Many thanks

Matt Marshall