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Precise rotory motion using mates / motors

Question asked by 1-62FOJJ on Mar 12, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by 1-62FOJJ
I have a part in an assembly machine that engages in irregular, intermittent rotory motion and turns more than 360 degrees; and I have been trying to animate it in assembly motion (SW'08).

Initially I animated it using keyframes; which works, but it is extremely tedious to manually set up each keyframe, and a small accident while moving parts around can screw up the entire animation.

So option#2: I tried using an angle mate, which is brilliantly precise and easy to set up, but there's a problem: I can't enter angles greater than 360 degrees! Why in the world is there this idiotic restriction - it must have cost extra code!

So option#3: I tried using a rotory motor. Because the rotation is intermittent and there are lots of positions, interpolation seemed the way to go. However, linear interpolation is not supported, so it's impossible to have dead time of no motion between points!

So option#4: haha, when animating using angle mates, suppress the mate and use a motor to rotate the part past the 360deg mark! But unfortunately, as soon as you have a motor on a part the angle mate seems to function not at all.

Have I missed any other approaches? Am I the only person experiencing extreme frustration trying to animate even simple motions?