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!!! Help !!!  Need Floworks expertise

Question asked by 1-5YT7VZ on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2008 by Rich Bayless
Here is what's up. I am trying to simulate a vertical turbine. Basically like one of those cup things that you see on a weather station where one side is less drag the other so it spins in the breeze. I under stand that Floworks can not spin an item in regards to a wind speed so I have setup a standard rpm (100) and run a set of wind speeds. The idea here is that when the torque crosses zero than you have the wind speed that will spin the unit at that rpm. By running a series of rpm you can get a graph. The next assumption that I make is that as the wind speed increases that the torque changes signs. I have run this simulation on standard fan shapes like the sample from there class and everything works great. As soon as I change to a vertical design the sign never changes. The values are out of sink and there is never a shift point.

Any help, any ideas, at all will be greatly appreciated. I have been fighting this for over a month now. I told the students that it would be a great item to model because it would be so easy to test.

I am doing it as an internal flow with a tube as a wind tunnel. I apply a velocity from one end and call the other walls of the wind tunnel environmental pressure openings. I have setup the rotational domain. I have tried everything that I can think of.