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Open Surface??

Question asked by Andy Schuler on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2008 by Andy Schuler
My more general question comes from a specific tricky and nightmarish problem that I'm going to attempt to explain. I realize that you will probably need to play with the model itself for hours to come up with a solution, but I cannot upload it to you. Also, I cannot change the original part or how it's done. Hopefully some general pointers will help me.

I'm working on a part that comes from the integration of some SW surface lofts and sweeps and an imported .STP (from Catia). I'm not entirely sure how the Catia surface was generated (somehow referencing the original SW part) but all we have is the surface body. It was finagled into the original SW part with a bunch of fills and some deleteface and knit features.

That original part is imported into sub-parts and then sliced and trimmed to create individual parts that get imported into an assembly. Well, I've been trying to use surfaces to eventually create a solid body. I have the model to the point where it is finally in the net shape I want it to be (less screw holes and other minor miscellaneous features), but it is in the form of three surface bodies that will not knit together. The "Check" Tool tells me I have two "Open" Surfaces. I've tried some surface-trims to hopefully trim the bad edge and refill the planer surface, but to no avail. The planer surface will knit to either of the inside or outside surfaces, but not both together. It won't let me do two knits either.

I'm using SW2007 Office Professional SP4.0. I'll try to upload a screenshot.