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Unbending macro for imported part!! Is possible?

Question asked by roberto gennari on Jun 1, 2016


I need for my work to create a macro to open the single bending in an imported part, without having to convert to sheet metal, because there are often many drawings.

The macro should open the single bending selected by touching the bend radius and passing the fixed plane reference surface.

The opening of the bend may be at an angle defined by the user (partial unbending).

Have you any suggestions to see which API to use for my macro?


I thought of these steps:

  • I select the bend radius, I get the circular surface and  the vector of it's axis.
  • I get the two linear edges of the surface.
  • I create a 3D sketch by deriving the two linear edges of the circular surface, to cut the solid piece of radius, someway.
  • Now I rotates the angle affected body required
  • I move my body linearly on the amount of development
  • ......?
  • ......?


What do you think about it?