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SW2008 SP3.0 64 bit Toolbox File size, access time, and Read only issues

Question asked by Karen Brunke on Mar 11, 2008
Latest reply on May 19, 2010 by Vikas Garg
We are looking at abandoning the toolbox all together after using it successfully for 2 years, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Our System
Windows XP 64 bit SP 2.0
Solidworks 2008 SP3.0
Everything installed from images

Our Toolbox
Shared Network location
Copied Ansi spec with our custom properties applied using the export/import thru excel approach
Parts set to Read only at system level
Allow overwrite checkbox set

It all works beautifully until someone does something causing SW to remove the RO access. When it does, it doesn't reset it in a timely manner. We haven't figured out what is required to get SW to let go of the part and reset the RO access. Until it releases it, no one else can access the file to insert it, even with an existing config. With 10 people working, this is happening frequently. If someone crashes while they have write access to the file, (common in 2008), it may not reset it at all. Asking everyone to get out of the pool to reset it is problematic.

The file size in 2007 of the SHCS with all of the configs we had used to that point was 12MB. The file size in 2008 of the SHCS grew to 20MB in a week, and still didn't have near as many configs as the 2007 part. I shrunk the size using Save-As (to 1.25 MB which still seems huge for such a simple part), but SW appears to activate configs each time they are used, and it starts growing again. Is there a setting somewhere that could be causing this?

Dropping a toolbox part into an assembly takes at least 2 minutes for the Toolbox definition dialog to pop up. I think it is even longer, but can't test it right now. In 2007, it was probably 10 seconds or so. Again, the 2008 part doesn't have nearly as many configs as the 2007 part did. There is some relationship to the file size in problem 2. Right after I shrink it, it does go a little faster, but it is still much slower than in 2007. Again, is there a setting or something that might be causing this? The network location hasn't changed, so that shouldn't be a contributor.

Karen Brunke