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    NASTRAN export

      Hi, I am using SW Office Premium 2008 x64 SP3 and CW advanced pro 2008. I need to export an FEA model in NASTRAN format. No matter what options I choose, the exported file is only 1kb and can't be used in NASTRAN.

      Does anyone know why this might happen? Exporting other formats seems to work fine.

        • NASTRAN export
          Ben Floan
          Steve, your not alone,... I've had similar problems w/ 32-SW2008 but the SP2.1 fixed it... I am able to export a DAT file from my model (usually in Mb size), not sure about translator issues in x64 or SP3.0 but I know in 2008 sp0.0 it didn't work.
          • NASTRAN export
            Ben, thanks! I tried reverting to SP2.1, but screwed up my install... I did a clean install of 2008 0.0 x64 and NASTRAN export works like a charm. The standard mesher crashes if you use small elements, but the alternate one works fine. The service packs must not be tailored to x64/x32 very well on the cosmos side. Hopefully the next one will stabilize it and keep everything functional.