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Small assembly really slow

Question asked by Maxime Piton on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Nick Birkett-Smith


I'm having a really annoying issue about an assembly getting REALLY slow, and I don't know why... When I save, I takes ~3 minutes, even if I make only a minor change not affecting anything but one part. Even when I hide or show a component, or sometimes when I just CLICK on a component, I also takes 3 minutes or so...


However :

  • It's composed of only 350 parts, with 23 subassemblies (for instance the main assembly is composed of 3 subassemblies, and 5 parts), and takes only ~300Mo in RAM when loaded
  • I have a pretty decent computer (i7, 16Go RAM, SSD+HDD, Quadro K400)
  • The majority of my parts are saved on my hdd, and only standard parts that I dont modify (e.g. screws, connectors...) are on the network. This network is not so slow
  • When I open the largest of the subassemblies (representing 70% of the parts of the main assembly), it's not slow at all...


The only hypothetical problems I see are :

  • I use SW2014 and Windows 10, which are not supposed to be compatible together, but on the other hand I don't have stability issues
  • There are some links between parts in different subassemblies (in subassemblies, some parts [not that much] are designed according to "Master" parts that are located within the main assembly), but it's not messy (for once, I was careful)


Do you have any idea of the reason of this lack of speed?