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Camera Sled Rebuilding

Question asked by Ron Benditt on Mar 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2008 by Scott Nelson
I have set up a fly through animation using a camera mounted on a camera sled. I can get the animation to play back correctly in SW when I press the play button. When I attempt to export it as an .AVI movie, I have a large section where only the key points display correctly. All of the areas between the keys have the camera moved out in space pointed away from my model. After the movie saves, when I move the playback position around, suddenly I get the same wrong camera positions and the camera sled has a "needs rebuilding" icon in the tree. When I do a rebuild, the camera goes back to where its supposed to be and the animation plays correctly once again.

How can I get my movie to save with proper camera sled rebuilding along the way? The camera sled is just a block with two vertices attached to a sketch (the motion path) using "follow path" mates.