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Balloons are ignoring me - help

Question asked by Derek Beehler on Mar 7, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by Derek Beehler
Gooday all

Well, this is my first print with a BOM since changing to 08 (currently sp2.1).
The print is of an assembly containing, parts, sheet metal and weldments (not that this should matter).
I have inserted BOM and inserted Autoballon.
The balloons are showing the item NAMES in the top half!
The balloons are set to show ITEM NOs.

I have gone into a single balloon's properties and changed item no to text and back to item no and my print shows the correct item no in that balloon.
HOWEVER, as soon as a rebuild is done the balloons revert to text even though the properties STILL are set to Item No.

What's up with this?
Will SP 3 fix this problem?