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    Default Overwrites in Card Editor

    Mike Sveda
      Can someone explaing the Default Overwrites checkbox when editing a card? I do not fully understand the meaning of the option. The admin manual only states that i overwrites the existing variable value with the deafault value when copying or adding files .... but how does this work in the real world?????
        • Default Overwrites in Card Editor
          Joy Garon
          Hi Mike -

          Let's say you have a SW Part datacard that uses a serial number to generate the number for the datacard variable Number. If you also have the Number variable set up to read the value of a file property from the SW Part file then you could clear the Default overwrites checkbox to read the value from the file if it exisits.
          If you check the 'Default overwrites' checkbox, then the serial number will generate a new number and write it back to the file property which overwrites the property in the file.