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Hidden vs. Suppressed?

Question asked by Jeffery Neal on Mar 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Jamil Snead
Hello Esteemed Colleagues...

So I am working on my "master" assembly, see earlier thread for background:
1000's of assembly configurations
For components that are either included or not, I could either suppress/unsuppress the part in my design table, or create display states for each option. Is one option in any way better than the other?
It seems that there is no option to just show/hide in the design table any more, you have to create the display state and then call it. Now that I say that, I think I will lean towards the suppress/unsuppress option, as there are too many choices to create individual display states for. Nothing like answering yor own question, is there?

Just for the exercise, if I had less options, does SW handle suppression better or worse than visibilty at all? Is there a way to determine visibilty of a single component in the design table without creating a display state?

I haven't needed to work with display states before now, so please forgive if I am missing something simple!


/Start venting process/
Does it annoy anybody else that in design tables, components are either RESOLVED or Suppressed, while Mates are UNSUPPRESSED or Suppressed? You would think that they would be the same, right? Too many times I have filled in sheets with an "R" instead of a "U". Then when you exit your design table, up pops an error message, the sheet is not updated, and often data after that point is lost and needs to be re-entered. GGrrrrrr!!
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Feel much better now, thanks...