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MDT2007 assemblies to Solidworks2008 conversion

Question asked by Wayne Geer on Mar 5, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2008 by Wayne Geer
What have you found to be the best procedure to convert MDT to SolidWorks?

If I open the files in MDT and then open the main assembly in Solidworks, I lose all linear arrays, some fillets, and I don't know what else on my part files. This was following the procedure listed in help.

If I only open the part files they convert ok. This would mean I need to open the assembly, then go back and individually open each detail and overwrite the original file created when I opened the assembly. This gets time consuming since it won't let you bulk open the files. It requires a next then finish selection for each part.

Also if I open an assembly that has parts in a seperate directory below the main directory, can I set Solidworks to input the converted files back in this directory or can it only put those files in the same directory as the assembly?

Any help would be appreciated.