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    Steve Rauenbuehler
      I just downloaded a trial version of Adobe Acrobat 3D, to see if this is a good alternative to eDrawings for non-SolidWorks users to view my latest creation.

      I get a "Conversion error" message when I try to create a pdf file from a SW2008 part. It seems to work OK if I create a 3D pdf from one of my SW2007 files.

      Could someone verify for me if this is indeed an incompatibility issue with Adobe, or, more per the usual.....I'm just doing something wrong.

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          Troy Peterson
          I had no problem creating a 3D PDF and opening it in Acrobat Reader. I don't have Acrobat 3D to test your issue.
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              Steve Rauenbuehler
              I wanted to try out Acrobat to create some cross-section views....

              I was able to work around by saving as a .u3d first and THEN converting to pdf -

              I guess I can always create my section views in SW, then save each one out as a separate 3D pdf file, too.

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              Kevin Quigley
              You need to download the latest service patch for Acrobat 3D toolkit to enable Acrobat to read 2008 files. Once you do this it works a treat. In any case you can set up SolidWorks as a registered application with Acrobat. Just make sure Acrobat and SoldiWorks are running at the same time, open a file in SoldiWorks then switch to Acrobat and go File>Cobnvert to PDF>3D capture. You will then get a dialogue box saying do you want to use SolidWorks as an application for generating PDF from (or something like that!). Click OK, then restart SolidWorks and reopen the file and rotate the view in shaded mode then hit "Print Screen" key. This will switch to Acrobat and open the import dialogue.

              As an aside I have pretty much moved over to Acrobat 3D now. I don't use Office Pro, just Classic, so my E Drawings are kind of limited, but Acrobat lets me send files to customer they can measure/section/rotate etc and with security. I tend to use the Acrobat Toolkit to import the SolidWorks file and do the explosions and animations for assemblies from there.
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                  Steve Rauenbuehler
                  Kevin -

                  That's the trick!

                  Still can't get it to "Capture 3D" using the Print Screen, but that's minor. From the Trial version I had to update to 8.1.1 before I could apply the patch (update vs. patch???), and I see there's a 8.1.2, so I might try that, too.