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    showing only the sketch in edit sketch

    Cathy Palmer
      I have an engineer that likes things as they were and is reluctant to change.

      The question he has is how to I get the 2008 sketch edit back to the way it was where when you edit a sketch, all you see is that sketch and not the model in a transparent type mode. 2007 was like this.

      Thanks !!
        • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
          Dan Riffell
          You need to disable the Instant 3D function. Deselect the item in your Features toolbar. And tell the crotchety old relic that 8-tracks aren't cool anymore, either. http://forum.solidworks.com/fo...ratingicons/happy.gif
          • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
            Charles Culp
            I assume you are talking about if you go back to edit a sketch for a feature that is already created; the feature will appear in yellow in 2008 if you have Instant3D turned on.

            I have Instant3D turned off, I don't like it either. You can find it as the last button on the Features Toolbar:

            If it is a different situation, please explain a little bit more (in an assembly?).
              • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
                Dan Riffell
                Charles! Tell me you're not crotchety, too!

                To be honest, I have Instant 3d turned off as well. I find that not only is it distracting sometimes, but it also gives me a performance hit when I edit very large sketches.
                  • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
                    Charles Culp
                    I have yet to hear a single comment on these forums from anyone who chooses to have Instant3D on. I've heard people who were indifferent to the tool, about 5 posts of people who are confused (like Cathy) as to what the change was and how to turn it off, and about 10 people who immediatly turned it off after installing 2008.

                    So no, I don't think anyone is being crotchety. It's a new tool that was added to 2008, and is (unfortunatly) set to "on" upon install. I don't mind new tools, even ones that I will never use, but both Instant3D and Dissection are turned "on" with a fresh install, and I disapprove of that.
                      • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
                        Matt Lombard
                        Well, I'm crotchety, and I don't use it either.

                        It's not so much a new tool as a rework of an existing tool that everyone also turned off (Move/Size Features). I'm not sure why SW thought that everybody suddenly needed to have it turned on.

                        I like it for one thing - dynamically resizing fillets by dragging a little handle.

                        The ability to drag a boss to make it into a cut and vice versa is a neat demo trick, but not really useful, in a real world work sort of way.
                          • showing only the sketch in edit sketch
                            Mauricio Martinez-Saez
                            Well I do not know if I can be cataloged as Crotchery... but in our case the "automatic" activation of the Instan3D and the Dissection created some problems (while we discovered that and we desactivate that "functionality"), since all our assemblies are top-down with all entities 100% related to referencial geometry sketches placed at the top level of the assembly and 100% driven by DT's which in turn they are linked to "product configurators" (what you can call a home made KBE system that really work). So in fact we can not just pick a face and move it to a new position or make a hole bigger just by draging with the mouse pointer.

                            Another "new" fucntionality that we can not see how it is better that what we have before is the "Layouts". Perhaps someone can indicate what advantage they gave over 2D Sketches and 3D Sketches, so far we do not see any (and we tinker with the "new toy" for several days in an effort to "discover" the improvement.

                            By the way, 2008 sp 3.0 works better that 2007 sp 5.0, we noticed and increase in performance in very large assemblies and so far we have only one crash... there are some Bugs, but not more that in 2007 (some of them are the same). And finally you can have a dimension name as long as you want (before in 2007 any name over 46 characters in lenght will hang the application, which was a big problem for us since the variable names in our sketches are grenerated by the product configurator and sometimes are extremelly long).

                            Any way, someone want to buy our Instant3D icon? is for sale for US$ 0.05 (and we will give the Layout or the Dissection for free as a bonus).