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    ESC Key Problem

    Derek Pepino
      Well, after pounding my keyboard through my desk, I finally found out why I couldn't exit commands in Solidworks with the ESC key.

      I had Omron CX-Programmer open in memory.

      So Note to everyone, make sure you shut down Omron CX-Programmer when using Solidworks, otherwise you will be VERY frustrated.
        • ESC Key Problem
          What is "Omron CX-Programmer"? I have run into a problem with the esc key not working twice now. Once was on my first install of the 07 beta and I had to uninstall & reinstall. The second was a few days ago when my 3dconnections driver was messing up thankfully a re-boot fixed it.
            • ESC Key Problem
              Daniel Eelman
              Iteresting how we live and die by that Esc key. I had to replace a keyboard because the little flip out leg under the Esc key finally broke from the constant punishment. They should make a CAD user's keyboard with a heavy-duty Esc key and steel support legs!

              Of course, the force applied to the Esc key increases exponentially with your frustration level at the moment. :~}