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    Simulating Welding

    Pedro Nunes
      hi all,

      I'm analyzing an assembly of 2 sheet metal parts which will be a fixation for a traction hoist.
      As represented in the attach, the minimum safety factor are located in a trimmed side bend, which in reality will not exist because it will be welded. So any one can give any advice about how to correctly input in cosmosworks that weld? I have tried the link connectors without any results... ?

      Please see the attach

      Many thanks for the help.
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          Vince Adams
          As I understand it, the notch shown in the image will be filled with weld, right?

          If that's the case, simply fill with base material. Remember that stresses in or at the toe/heel of a weld are never accurate so don't get hung up on the local results. This "fill" material should ensure that the load transfer is correct.

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            Pedro Nunes
            ok, i understand, but... filling with the base material, shouldn't i get the same result as using some link connectors? (as fill with base material i assume that is to drawing the part without the notch right? )
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              Fernando Cuenca
              Pedro, I think what Adam means is to do the part without the notch. As he said, the stresses there are never accurate (heat affected zone and possible phase transformation that COSMOS can't simulate). On the other hand, if the weld is done right the part should never fail at the weld (this is what AWS tests for).
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                Francesco Rustichelli
                Moreover, using link connector between 2 surfaces STIFFENS THEM a great deal.
                If these surfaces are small (e.g. two pin holes) this can be acceptable.
                On the contrary, if you connect the two sides of the flanges, you are going to make the corner unbreakable.
                Fill the gap with a solid feature.
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                  Pedro Nunes
                  thanks all, i fill the gap with a solid feature and it solves all my problems...