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    Aligned Cutaway View question

    Basil Gello

      Drawing a lot of cutaway views I wanted to get the cut parallel to the coordinate axis (like in the 3 projection view) but using the aligned cutaway view feature. But, if using that one, it creates a view perpendicular to the crossing of the forming lines (and that is just according to the theory). The question is, can I place the lines defining the aligned cut someway to get a result similar by using a simple cut with a line going through the center of the view parallel to a coordinate axis.
        • Aligned Cutaway View question
          Charles Culp
          I'm not sure I understand your question. If perchance my response helps you great. If not, maybe someone else can. Here is my technique for creating any views; mostly for section views:

          1. Sketch a line in the drawing.
          2. Constrain the line to the geometry (normally a plane in the model, but it can be anything). This is normally a parallel or coincident constraint.
          3. Then with the line still selected (green) I select the "section view" tool.

          The above steps will create a new view that is constrained to almost anything you want.

          The most interesting addition is that it also allows for the creation of auxiliary views that do not get corrupt when geometry changes. If the line is constrained to a plane, as long as the plane is not deleted, the auxiliary view will remain intact. For anyone who has had an auxiliary view get corrupted before, you know how important this is. So if the above technique is used, I can endorse using auxiliary views again.