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Airfoil simulation

Question asked by Tan TS on Mar 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by Tan TS
Hi, i'm very new to cosmosflo and is very keen in simulating an airfoil using NACA0015. managed to impor the airfoil created using autocad and extruded it from its side view with 0.001mm as thickness so tht it is now solid mode. (i'm doing 2D for info). the part regarding meshing has been bugging me for a long time because i cannot get the mesh in the grid (c grid) i saw from other experiment done(journals i mean). my mesh even after running the solver is still not following the contour of my airfoil and it is all squarish...

anyone can help?

also after getting the lift and drag force form the result, how do i get into plotting the coefficient of lift and drag versus the cordlength?

Help really needed here.