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PDMWorks Workgroup - Vault Data on a NAS Drive

Question asked by Laurent Lejeune on Mar 4, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2008 by Laurent Lejeune
Hi there !

Since i've upgraded SW 2007 SP4 to SW 2008 SP2, i'm unable to use pdmwservice on my server (Window server 2003 SP2) with the vault data located on a NAS drive. All works fine when the data are located on a physical local drive. I have to use a classical hard drive with my vault and i lose all the advantages of the NAS (it was working realy good with the 2007 version). Does anyone experienced a similar problem ?

I've already contacted SW and my VAR to solve the problem but after many hours of online meeting, we've found no issue. Have i to wait the SW 2009 release ?? Or have i to buy the expensive PDMWorks Enterprise (to make my VAR happy ?).

(12 SW office pro licence - 1 PDMWorks Workgroup).