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    Revision level in PDMWE

    Tim Turpin
      For our Revision levels we use alpha numeric (A0, A1, A2...A9, B0, B1, B2...) for our major revisions.

      We have some legacy data which needs to be added to vault which follows this revision scheme however it is not at A0 or near this revision level.

      Is it possible to move the data into PDMWE and set it with its current revision ( E5 in this case) without stepping through each revision until we get to the desired revision?

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Revision level in PDMWE
          Jeff Sweeney
          SW Technical support supplied me with a SQL update statement that went through the "revision" file property and set that value to the PDMWE revision. It worked pretty good...sorry I cannot find the statement they gave me you'll have to get it from them.
          • Revision level in PDMWE
            Jeff Sweeney
            The version I had was pretty generic, but Joy is right, you need to know what it is doing, blindly running an update SQL command on a production database base is risky.

            It can be done, make sure you get with your VAR first before you start poking around directly in the database.
            • Revision level in PDMWE
              Patrick Kennedy

              I've been dealing with this same issue for the last couple months as I import hundreds of translated files into PDWME each week. Also, we upgraded from 2007 to 2008 during this period, so I know it works with both versions.

              The translated files have the correct custom file property for Revision, which appears on the File Data Card when brought into PDMWE. To get the PDMWE revision to match, I do the following:
              1. in Windows Explorer I sort by Revision and select all of one level,
              2. in PDMWE Administration I set the "initial counter value" of the "revision number component" to the number matching the desired revision in my value list,
              3. in Windows Explorer I mass "Increment Revision" the selected files directly to that PDMWE revision level.

              I repeat these 3 steps for each revision level needed for the translated files.

              Of course, I ensure that nobody else uses the Increment Revision command, or approves anything to Released state, while I have the initial counter value at anything other than 1...