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    Shell Meshing (or not) with surfaces

      Normally you can overcome this problem by:
      1) right click on the study -> "Update all components"
      2) edit the shell entity that should include the missing face

      Please note that point (2) works even if the face is already included,
      provided that you click on OK and not on Cancel,
      and that you have previously executed point (1).

        • Shell Meshing (or not) with surfaces
          I have created a shell model using surfaces. Mysteriously I can't get one surface to mesh (see photo-the one area in lt gray is the area that won't mesh). I created it in the same manner that I created the same area on the other side of the model (if you were to mirror across the width). I have had this problem before but could usually fix it by deleting all the shells and starting over.

          Any ideas why a seemingly "nice" surface won't mesh?