Gary Garrison

Element smaller than minimum?

Discussion created by Gary Garrison on Feb 29, 2008
I am getting really frustrated with this analysis run. After having trouble getting it to mesh properly, I then had problems getting my restraints set properly, now I apparentlly have a message:

"Element volume smaller than minimum 1.0e-25"

or something clost to that. If you click OK, you then get kicked out with an analysis failed pop-up, then back to SW to start all over again...

What causes this? I am coming into using CW08 now that I am trying out the 08 releases. Before we didn't spend much time with running studies (read that as one or maybe twice in 3 years so far). I am trying to get a handle on this process but our products are/have been incompatible with CW up until recently as far as I could tell. Or at least not without some significant knowledge of the software.