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Design Table - Handeling zero values

Question asked by 1-CQ45YA on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2008 by 1-CQ45YA
I'm working on a tower that is being build up with a bunch of excel sheets. The main tower is in an assembly and the sections parts. It's almost working, but I want to be able to take some sections out of the total assembly. I'm doing this by using the $STATE command in the Design Table. This supresses the feature that creates te sections. I also have flanges, that are created by the revolve feature.

The user should be able to take out the sections by filling in a height of 0 for a section/flange (it will trigger a S for Supressed in the $STATE column). With the section it works great, because the height is created by a created plane and a distance of 0 for a plane from another is ok. For the flange a sketch is being used for the revolve feature. In a sketch is 0 not allowed for dimensions, because then 2 points/lines fall together. I hoped that, because the feature is supressed, SW would accept those 'errors', but it doesn't. It is preventing me from rebuilding my parts. I had the same thing with creating holes in a circulair pattern, I wanted to be able to just place 1 or 1000 and that worked, but 0 won't work (also here supressing my feature didn't work).

I was thinking of supressing a sketch, but that isn't possible. So am I missing something or should I do something like this (which is very confusing for users, because now it seems it has some height and thus there is a section)
Anyone has a idea?