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SW2008 SP3 - poor performance

Question asked by 1-D0JESW on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2008 by Joe Rochinski
Hi to all,

Please help, what is wrong on my computer?
When I was using SW2007 xp32 performance was very good, but since I'm using SW2008 xp64 everything takes lot more time.
For example:
- when I change between windows (Ctrl + Tab) I have to wait 3-5 second after refresh(with parts, with assemblies it takes lot more time) .
- in sketch when I put dimension, from mouse click to dimension appear takes 2-3 seconds.
- opening large assemby takes up to 30minutes!!
etc etc...

I've turned off realview, animations - nothing better :/

My configuration:
Processor - Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
Memory - 4Gb ram
Graphic - Ati FireGL V5200 (drivers from SW)

Sorry for my engilsh I'm from Poland