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    Mesh and model volumes?

    Gary Garrison
      CW08 tells me that my mesh and my model volumes are significantly different. Is this because of the fact that I have reference parts that are being used as remote loads and therefore aren't being meshed?
        • Mesh and model volumes?
          Ian Hogg
          HI Gary,
          I believe that is the case, but I only see it in certain situations. I think that if you run an analysis and it has to update the mesh (and there is a remote load) you get the message, whereas if you mesh it manually, you don't normally see it. I've not fully ironed down the exact scenario, but that's my general experience. I'm on sp2.1, so have not tried it in sp3.0 yet.

          Once I find the scenario, I'll log a bug, or if you identify the sequence, please log one .


          • Mesh and model volumes?
            Fernando Cuenca
            The message is expected if you have components treated as remote loads/mass. The analysis should run with no problem.