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    Minimize/Maximize Buttons

    Rich Osterreicher
      Just a suggestion..
      It would be so nice if the file open, save, etc. window had Minimze & Maximize buttons..
      I'm submitting an ER too...

      Does anyone else think it'd be nice?
        • Minimize/Maximize Buttons
          Kelvin Lamport
          I'm curious, why would you need, or want, a minimize button? I have adjusted my File > Open window to almost full screen size (which is remembered between sessions) and is closed to eliminate task bar clutter after a document is opened.
            • Minimize/Maximize Buttons
              Rich Osterreicher
              Well.. Your correct..
              Don't need a Minimize button..
              So.. Just a max button would be great...
              Also, true it does remeber the size it was last stretched to.. But it never seems to remember the position it was in..
              I click open.. Stretch it to nearly fill the screen..
              Open a file..
              Then click open again.. Now the window is still stretched(same size), but part of it is now off screen.. So, consequently.. i have to drag it back into full view and re-size it..
              if there was a Maximize button, I could just click that and skip the dragging and resizing.
            • Minimize/Maximize Buttons
              Kelvin Lamport

              What is your monitor set-up? (Standard or widescreen, one or two monitors, resolution, etc.)

              After reading your "Design Table" thread http://forum.solidworks.com/fo...catid=26&threadid=9771 I would guess that your system is causing the positioning problem. Agreed a maximize setting would be a workaround for the problem, but the underlying problem will remain.
                • Minimize/Maximize Buttons
                  Rich Osterreicher
                  I have 2 Dell 19's.. model 1905
                  Not widescreen...
                  Res @ 1280 x 1024.

                  It's always been like this for me..
                  '06 behaved like this, '07 was same way.. and '08 is no different..
                  Also, put in a diff h/d after '06. Which obviously was a complete re-install..
                  And did a total reformat and re-install after '07 sp3?? i think..
                  The reformat was not because of this issue....
                  But, it behaved like this before and after..

                  it's wierd.. Sometimes the window does behave properly.. sometimes it just pops up out in the boonies partly off screen...