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Question asked by Corey Hinman on Feb 28, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2008 by Corey Hinman
Hey all. We are just starting to develop our ECN process. Thus far I've got groups of standard approvers (Quality, Engineering, etc) and their users. I send the ECN to a "Email notifications loop" where I use variables to check who the selected user is (checks all users in the Quality group for example) and then send them an email notification for approval purposes. Our data card for the ECN document contains all these standard groups.

Does anyone have a suggestion for when you have to include a non-standard approver in the list? So far all I have come up with is logic similar to above, a workflow that checks ALL users in the system and matches their username and then sends an email.

Setting up that workflow would be a huge PITA.