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    Design library issue

    D. chorosy
      As a coming back user iwith SW, I spent the last few weeks reading tutorials and anything related to this software.
      I've read in SW tutorial it is possible to save notes in the Design Library to drag them in the drawings when needed.
      I followed the explanation step by step but it is not saving anything in the library.
      I attached a picture of my design library so maybe someone can see where the problem comes from.
      For information I can't create a new folder in the design library (the icon is gray) does this shows a problem somewhere?

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          Tony Cantrell
          Is your SW installed on your computer or on a network server and is your license on the server or your computer?
          Do you have administrative privilages to your computer?
          Do you have wright privilages to the network?
          Could be any of these.
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              Ryan Beck
              In addition, you may want to go into Tools\Options\Sytem Options\File Locations and see where that is pointed currently...

              Because we are using laptops here, I copy a library of my making to the "My Documents" folder for the user. Then I use the File Locations to point to that location. You can add a folder by selecting the library icon with the asterisk star too...

              I tend to keep my library seperate from the SW one.
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              Eddie Cyganik


              Have you tried sving your saving your annotation as a Favorite first? This would be a file with the extension ".sdlnotefvt".

              Once this has been done, you can drag & drop the note in the Design Library.

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                Kelvin Lamport
                The New Folder icon is greyed out because the SolidWorks Content folder is read only. It is for downloading content from SW.
                Use the icons to the left of the New Folder to add to the Design Library section.
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                  D. chorosy
                  Thanks to all for your help
                  My problem happened because in the options:
                  Tools\Options\Sytem Options\File Locations
                  the path for the design library was not set at all.

                  I pointed the link to the correct folder and it is now working. I also created my own design library.