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    sync. files

      I may be in the wrong topic area, but here goes. In our product dept. they put part files in one dir. on the server and the assy. in another dir. and drawings in another dir. We have an engineer that does alot of work on weekends from home. he will do a pack n go to a portable HD. Do his work over the weekend and come in Monday and just either dump the files to his dir. or do a pack n go to his dir. Well, when he does this is will always look for those parts from his dir. not where they were originally. This is making a mess for us with dup's of the files.

      Can anyone tell me what we need to do to sync. these files? Is there a better way of doing what we are trying to do?


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          Troy Peterson
          Sounds like you need a PDM system to help control the flow of changed files.
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            Kelvin Lamport
            I just came across this from Eng-Tips this morning;

            I have no idea how it would fit in with PDM though.
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                Pete Yodis
                If you are using PDM, foldershare could sync your local working directory so that by the time you got home from work, your local directory at home would match work's. When you arrive back at work the next day - you just check in the files that you need to... I wouldn't use foldershare to try to sync a vault.

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                John Burrill
                Jeff, we have a similar situation. Basically, I've been able to get it to work by adding the part file directories to the 'referenced documents' search path in Options: File Locations. Then, when re-integrating models back into the release directory, I'll go into Options: External references and check the 'search folder locations for external references' checkbox and open up the top-level assembly.
                The external references toggle changes the file search behavior of Solidworks (which is why i have a macro button to change it). With it checked, Solidworks first searches in the 'referenced documents' paths and then in the location saved in the assembly and then in the current directory.
                With the checkbox toggled off, it starts in the location saved in the assembly (updated when the model was last saved) and then goes to the current directory.