Pete Farnham

Lifecyle change and revision

Discussion created by Pete Farnham on Feb 28, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Kenneth Barrentine
Ok We are using the lifecycle and revision control on our documents and it almost works!!! lol

We have a revision status "0-99", lifecycle status called,"WIP"
We have a revision status "A-Z", lifecycle status called, "released"
So When I check-in a document and change to "released", the revision changes from a number(s), to a letter, "A"

This works fine.

What does not work, is the revision change to the letter "A", if I change the lifecycle whilst the document is in the vault.

Quite often, (due to the skill of the workers here, :-P, lol), we do not need to check-out and then check-in again as a smalll project will work first time.

Is there a way of updating the revision automatically in the vault, when the lifecycle is updated??

Clear as mud???, lol