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Failed to read from Web Error

Question asked by Michael Paauwe on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2008 by Michael Ferree
Is anyone else receiving the error message
The installation files could not be downloaded because: Failed to read from web file (sldimdist.exe.tmp). Please check your internet connection and try again. {10304}.

I think that there must be a problem at the SolidWorks end but I can't find any info to confirm that.

I have tried pinging the server and get no response which makes me suspicious.

I would really appreciate a reply from anyone who has successfully downloaded SP3.0 using the SW Install manager.
I have downloaded SP2.1 and 3.0EV recently without any issues. and I am not aware of any changes in our system that might be preventing access now.
Mike Paauwe