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Question asked by Jeff Holliday on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on May 5, 2008 by Jesse Seger

I have created a file location on our company network to place standard parts which do not need rev control. I have entered that location in the proper place in the PDMW Workgroup standard libraries and have checked "disable checkin of documents". I created a part and saved it in the standard parts location. As expected when I try to check it in to PDMWorks I get a message telling me that it cannot be done.

Next I created a simple assy contining that part and 1 other part that is not in the standard parts folder. I can now check that in to any project I choose without any warning message.

My question is why don't I get notified/flagged that a part from the standard parts folder is being checked-in. It appears to checkin just fine. This seems like a backdoor checkin that shouldn't occur.

Please tell me what I am missing here.