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Line rendering

Question asked by Ashok Kumar on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by Gijs de Rue
Hello all,

I have to line render a part for illustrations. This image needs to have a different line thickness for the outermost VISIBLE edge of the model in view. Is there a way in SW rendering option to do this. I am aware of setting different line thickness for the render in the advance tab. But the line thickness will apply to all edge of the part.

The work around, I usually adopt is to take out a line render in photoworks with a minimum line thickness. Next, using photoshop I select all -> inverse select -> stroke (3 to 4 px) with a black color. This works fine.

Is there a way out in Solidworks itself ?

thanks in advance


P.S : In SW drawings we can select different line thickness for different edges. But this may select the entire edge leading into the part, not a portion (which falls in th outer most edge). Simply put, it is not akin to stroking a line drawing in photoshop.