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    Chain Dimensions

    Michael Cudnik
      Anyone using chain dimensioning on assemblies?? This feature is very basic and was available on my old software package. I cannot seem to figure out how to do it easily. My VAR told me use ordinate dimensioning and then format the arrows, etc. etc...... seems like a hassle. Easier way??
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          Kevan Chapman
          If you use ordinate dimensioning the chained arrows are on by default. There is a tick box under Property Manager\Dimension\Leaders\ Ordinate Chain
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              Is there a way to make ordinate chain turned off by default. I hate having to turn chain off every time I make an ordinate dimension in SW 2008.
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                  Roy Potter
                  If you're referring to the chain dimension as in AutoCad, there isn't one.
                  You'll need to place it manually. (Well I can't find a way).

                  The ordinate dimension is still a base line style. ie all the dimensions relate back to a common 0.00 datumn. The chain option is really - do you show the arrows or not.

                  The chain style dimension, as in Autocad, is a discrete dimension between to entities aligned arrow to arrow and parallel. eg. <-100-><-125-><-75-> What this does is to allow the user to select one entity each time and the system will place the dimensions automatically aligned.

                  Whilst I try to avoid this style of dimensioning, because of the overall tolerance build up, their are companies I work for that require this type.

                  It really depends what you're after.
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                      I am referring to ordinate dimensions in solidworks drawing files. By default it connects each of the ordinate dimensions with with an arrow. To remove the arrows, I have to click on the leaders tab under dimension properties and unselect the "Ordinate chain" box every time. I want the box to be unselected by default.
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                          Eddie Cyganik


                          I almost hate bringing this up because it seems like I've done this several times lately, anyway, here goes:

                          I am using SW08 SP0.0 and with the dimensioning standard set to ANSI, when I input Ordinate Dimensions, they come in w/o arrows.
                          The only way I can replicate your problem is if I set the dimension standard to ISO. If I do this, then I experience the same problem.

                          I agree with Roy that there does not seem to be a setting to control this, so I thought that maybe you could set the leader to uncheck ordinate and save the setting in a drawing template. Well that didn't pan out either.

                          So I guess what I'm saying is; "It works for me but I don't know why!"