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    what are those surface appearance "flags"

    Dwight Livingston

      You know those surface appearance control flags? How do I get rid of them?

      I figure these were discussed earlier, but I don't know what there are called so I can't do a search for them. (Not to mention that I can't limit my search to the User Interface section. Nor can I look at more than one topic in a search set without havingto do the search again. Not can I find these things in the S2008 What's New, 'cause I don't see a picture of them.) If only I knew what they are called. What I'm talking about about are the little appearance control windows that grow on a thin stick whenever I select a surface.

      I've lived with those things for more than a month now. I didn't like them at the start, and I like them less as time goes by. Mind you, I like most all of the UI changes for 2008. I didn't think the change over was a big deal. (I happen to think the default look of my models is not nattractive. SW should work on the default appearance.) So most things work well enough, and I haven't changed any of the default controls.

      These flag things need to go. They get in the way, and I do not use them.