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    Using Gap Closer

    Thomas Jackson
      Hey Gang;

      I'm bring over some connectors that are in IGES to a solid model. Some times they will come over with out problems or I can use the import diagnostics tool and repair the gaps and faces. My question is how to use the gap closer tool to fill in gaps? I'm enclosing one of the IGES files that is giving me problems. I have saved it as a parasoil and still have problems with it.

      Thank you
        • Using Gap Closer
          Matt Lombard

          This part comes in perfectly for me as two solid bodies in SW07 sp4.

          Make sure you have your import settings correct. Import settings are cleverly hidden, so you might not find them where you think they should be. You have to open the Open dialog, then change to *.IGS or whatever file type, then the Options button appears. Make sure "Try Forming Solids" is turned on.

          When you have to run Import Diagnostics, just hit the "Attempt to heal all" button. If that doesn't work, then you might have to do some manual surface modeling to get things done.

          Anyway, best of luck.
          • Using Gap Closer
            Roland Schwarz
            Use "File --> Open" to open the files, so you have a chance to try different options.

            Sometimes it helps to bring the file in without stitching the faces together. This allows each face to retain its trim more accurately. Then use diagnostics to stitch up.