Kevin Silbert

VCRedist or .net framework

Discussion created by Kevin Silbert on Feb 26, 2008
Has anyone had any trouble with the "Preparing clients for installation" procedure:<br /><administrative image directory>\Microsoft_C++_2005_Redistributable\vcredist_x86.exe /Q<br /><br /><administrative image directory>\.Net_Framework_3.0\dotnetfx3.exe /Q:a /c:"install /L /qb"<br /><br />(I changed the /qb to /qn on the dotnetfx3.exe, as I didn't want the users to have to agree to all of the statements that the installation posed)<br /><br />HOWEVER, on three of our machines now (the only three that were installed from a 2007SP4 disk previously) the machines are rendered inoperable after running the batch file that calls these two commands.  It seems to scramble the .dlls, particularly HAL.DLL is mentioned as the reason it won't go into Windows afterward.  We've worked with two and have not had any choice but to reformat.  I need to find a way to get #3 working without having to reformat.  The first time, I thought it was a fluke.  Second time... unusual.  But now with three, I'm seriously concerned that there may be a problem with the installation, or the previous 2007 installation.<br /><br />Has anyone had problems like this with the SolidWorks install?