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Weight on data card

Question asked by Rene Daanen on Feb 25, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2008 by Rene Daanen
Hi there,

I'm trying to find out a way of putting the weight of a solidworks part/assembly on the profilecard in PDMWE.
I tried to do this through the customproperty (first make sure there is a customproperty 'weight' which refers to the mass of the product (i.e. "SW-Mass@@Default@SW-202048.SLDPRT")

My problem is, that when I do this, the value is visible in the data card (sometimes it says: SW-Mass@@Default@SW-202048.SLDPRT). But when I udpate and save the data card, the 'SW-Mass@@Default@SW-202048.SLDPRT' will be overwritten by the value. If you change the model, the mass will not update anymore.

In the admin guide, I also saw that it should be possible to use the Block name '$PRP' (instead of custom property), with the attribute name 'SW-MassProp-Config-0'
I can't get this working.

Has anyone done this already?

Thanks in advance

Ir. Rene Daanen
Cadmes B.V.